Freedomchair Products

Freedomchair A06

Freedom Folding power wheelchair 

Freedomchair A07

Freedom Folding power wheelchair 

Freedomchair A08

Freedom Folding power wheelchair 

Freedomchair A08L

Freedom Folding power wheelchair 

Having Trouble Getting Around?

Find it difficult getting to stores, or gatherings?
If so, then freechair may be exactly what you need to get around.
So Many Great Reasons 
To Get The Freedomchair

Brushless Motor

Brushless motor imported from Japan, quality assurance, and has achieved 3C, UL testing and certification.

Aluminum Alloy

The aluminium alloy we use is commonly used in aircraft and other aerospace structures, with high strength,  excellent corrosion resistance and good extrudability.

Easy Folding Easy Go

Freedonchair is a light power wheelchair, which can be folded in 1 seconds and in small size. it can be put in the trunk of a car or co-pilot's seat, which is portable and convenient for travelling. it can be equipped with multiple groups of lithium battery and can realize the long distance running.


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