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  • FREEDOMCHAIR Distributor Attended the Integra Fair in Austria

    FREEDOMCHAIR is a high-tech enterprise that combines wheelchairs and scooters’ R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. As an international developing company, we have agencies all over the world. And today we’d like to introduce you about Integra Fair that our distributor attended in Austria.

  • Technology makes people more dignified: Freedom Chair

    FreedomChair fully demonstrates how technology can better serve humanity, providing users with an excellent experience through elegant design and intimate design. And to bring more dignity to a particular group of users, this is the most admirable place -- all the functions and designs revolve around "people".

  • SUV in Wheelchairs - Electric Wheelchairs Nominated for Innovation Awards

    FreedomChair is the first truly foldable electric wheelchair. So it suits most cars and can take trains, ships and planes. There are several versions of FreedomChair available to suit different people.

  • FreedomChair Makes Your Trip Travel Free - Disability is not a Reason to Miss Travel

    More and more people with disabilities want to travel around the world to see the beauty of the world. You don't want to be content to stay home at any time. First, the mobility of wheelchairs is very important. This usually starts with a car, a train, or an airplane. So far, the size and weight of electric wheelchairs are very large and cannot be carried together, which greatly limits the activities of the disabled. FreedomChair has learned about this trend and has provided the first foldable electric wheelchair for the elderly and disabled. The Freedom Chair weighs only 23kg and can be used in seconds.

  • Freedom Wheelchairs provide the greatest convenience in life

    Mobility and convenience are more important than ever! How to make life easier for people with disabilities? This is now possible. Because with modern people's increasing demands for life, electric wheelchairs came into being. They are now portable and foldable. Foldable electric wheelchairs can be easily placed into a car or even placed in an airplane. Freedom offers several versions of electric wheelchairs.

  • Freedomchair will participate in 2018 CMEF at 11-14 Apr

    As is known to all, FreedomChair has participated in many exhibitions since its establishment. This time, we will participate in CMEF. This time, we will bring the four most popular models of electric powered wheelchair to customers around the world.

  • Buyer from Shanghai visit the factory and send us the calligraphy as a present

    On March 14, 2018, an old gentleman came to visit our factory and delivered the calligraphy he wrote himself. This is a buyer from Shanghai who bought our Freedom wheelchair in July last year. High quality products and services, strong company qualification and reputation, is an important reason to attract this visit.We welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory. Our professional sales team will introduce the details of our products and factories.

  • Feedback from end customers in Colombia

    Freedom wheelchair want all the people in wheelchairs to sit in our electric power wheelchairs, see the world, and walk the dogs. Free from the physical limitations of the confinement, can be like able-bodied people normal life, enjoy the convenience of life that has never been experienced.

  • Our Austrian and German agent participated in Help-24

    Our Austrian and German agent participated in Help-24 2018

  • FreedomChair Will Participate in medtrade spring 2018 on 28-29 Mar

    FreedomChair will participate in medtrade spring 2018 on 11-14 Apr, Welcome to meet us. Our power wheelchair has approved the FDA certificate, We are now looking for distributors in more countries and invite those interested to contact us.



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